Leader's Mission Statement

We follow a business model that emphasizes being honest, practical, innovative, and human-oriented and rely on our R&D strengths, independent innovation, and effective management to provide reliable technologies, quality products and the best possible service. Just as water has no permanent shape, so in warfare there is no constant condition. We go all out to face new challenges, and work hard to develop the institute into a learning-based organization and knowledge-based enterprise, and to develop hardworking, creative, united, and cooperative personnel as the source of our vitality.
Through its unremitting effort, the institute has grown from a public one whose sole purpose was scientific research into a market-oriented, R&D-based, high-tech enterprise that is engaged in science, industry, and trade, operating independently, which is entirely responsible for its own gain or loss. We owe our achievements today to the painstaking effort of generations of employees and the care, support, and love of our old and new customers and our friends from all walks of life. I'd like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to each and every one of them.
And, we're fully ready to cooperate with all our colleagues across the industry for a bright future.
President and Party secretary, Chen  Jian
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