Business Introduction

Our main business is the transfer of high-, new technologies, engineering design and general contracting, and high-tech industries. The first category mainly involves the following: carbonyl synthesis of acetic acid from methanol; the production of dimethyl ether through methanol dehydration; production of hydrogen through methanol cracking; and the purification and utilization of industrial vent gas -- natural gas through the methanation of coke oven gas, ethylene glycol from synthesis gas, purification of calcium carbide furnace tail gas, and utilization of CBM. The last category covers two main areas: environmental protection and new energies. Products are mainly NFM, catalysts, standard gas, analytical instruments, and equipment.

The institute is dedicated to product excellence and the constant goal of every employee is high-quality production. The scope of our service is broad and we constantly make breakthroughs in our pursuit of excellence.



EPC, PMC, technical upgrades

Chemical development planning

Project consulting and evaluation

Project construction management and personnel training

Test runs and completion analysis

Conceptual, basic, and detailed design work

Transfer of technological achievements and service

Technology R&D

Joint development



Purification and utilization of industrial vent gas

New energies and energy conservation

Fine chemicals

Coal chemicals

C1 chemicals

Natural gas chemicals

Automation and instrumentation

Analysis and testing, special-purpose analyzers

Standard gas and special gas

Development and testing of catalysts

Environmental protection technology and equipment



Media Inquiry
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