Talent Strategy

Stick to a human-oriented enterprise development concept; attract, cultivate, and retain the most talented personnel that fit our scientific research and industrial development; and build an elite talent team with an optimized structure.

Develop a flexible, diverse system that guarantees a sufficient amount of talent, with existing personnel at the core, and various organizations and headhunters as horizontal sources of personnel information, applies temporary and long-term employment in a way that fits our scientific research and industrial development.

Develop a learning-based organization and raise the level of employee teams overall through retraining and re-education adapted to the strategic and tactical needs of a technology-based enterprise.

Expand three talent-development areas: reflecting individual values (through remuneration and development); improving individual skills (job position); personal retraining and re-education for adapting to a world of cut throat competition in the current job market.

Establish more effective human resources management suitable for a modern enterprise; improve the systematic approach to selecting, cultivating, and retaining talented personnel; and increase employee incentives such as remuneration, welfare, training, development, and performance assessments.
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