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Natural Gas Chemical Industry C1 Chemistry and Chemical Industry (Natural Gas Chemical Industry) is a bimonthly journal, founded in 1976 by the Chemical Industry’s Southwest Research & Design Institute and the National Information Center of the Natural Gas Chemical Industry and C1 Chemical Industry, with support from the National Center of C1 Chemical Engineering Research, the Key State Laboratory for Coal Conversion, Sichuan Tianyi Science & Technology Co Ltd, the SOPO Group, and the SINOPEC Sichuan Vinylon Works Group. It has a wide readership both in China and abroad, and is a core technical journal in China and the most authoritative journal in the natural gas chemical and C1 chemical industries. It has won provincial and national awards for excellence a number of times.
Chinese serial number CN51-1336/TQ; international serial number ISSN1001-9219; subscription code 62-269

The journal covers new scientific and technological developments, new processes, technical progress, and information on the natural gas and C1 chemical industries, specifically: the purification and separation technology of natural gas, CBM, biogas, coke oven gas, and synthesis gas (including coal-based synthesis and biomass-based synthesis gas); synthesis gas production technology; the chemical utilization of natural gas and synthesis gas (the synthesis of methanol, ammonia, and fuel, e.g. oil and dimethyl ether); hydrogen production and utilization; the production and chemical utilization of CO and CO2; the synthesis of olefins; the carbonyl synthesis of alcohol, dimethyl carbonate, acetic acid, and other bulk or fine chemical products; and the synthesis of chemical products through hydrogenation and formylation. It also covers deep processing technology and for the utilization of natural gas and C1 chemical derivatives, and technology for the chemical utilization of lower alkanes (C1~C5), natural gas processing, oil refining, and chemical byproducts. It reports on the latest domestic and foreign developments in these areas and new chemical technology in some other fields, with equal emphasis given to the R&D and application of new technologies, technical upgrades, and plant innovations.

Out readers comprise a wide range of domestic and foreign oil, natural gas, and coal chemical companies; small, medium, and large plant operators; oil and natural gas exploitation enterprises; major public libraries; and scientific research institutes, design institutes, and universities with programs in the processing and chemical utilization of natural gas and oil; the purification and chemical utilization of coal-based synthesis gas; the chemical utilization of CO and CO2; the production of synthesis ammonia; the production and utilization of methanol, dimethyl ether, acetic acid, acetylene, and other organic chemical products; gas separation and purification; and hydrogen production and utilization.

Advertisements also cover a wide range, such as: new processes, new technologies, new materials and new equipment in natural gas and C1 chemical, coal chemical, petrochemical and other chemical areas; cleansing agents of natural gas, synthesis gas, light hydrocarbons (such as: LPG) and oil products (e.g. desulfurization solvents and solid desulfurizers), purification processes, and corresponding devices and analytical instruments; all types of natural gas reforming catalysts, light oil pre-reforming catalysts, shift catalysts, ammonia synthesis catalysts and related equipment; catalysts, processes and equipment for the synthesis of methanol and other chemical products; H2, CO, and CO2 production, separation and purification technologies and related equipment and chemical products; all types of high-performance filler; other chemical equipment, analytical instruments, testing meters, automation technology, chemical products, drugs, reagents, catalysts, adsorbents, chemical pipeline equipment (pumps and valves), packaging, heat insulating, sealing and lubricating materials, and items for laboratory and pilot-scale tests; book and periodical reviews; and corporate imaging.
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