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The institute adheres to its human-oriented, pragmatic, and innovative method, and takes development as the ultimate goal, honest operations as the cornerstone, human-oriented management as the core, and learning and innovation as a driving force. It uses overall planning and step-by-step implementation while making a concerted effort and making full use of culture in its values and orientation, as well as spiritual motivation, behavioral constraints, and image shaping. It is developing a corporate culture that is in synch with its development direction and demonstrates the characteristics of the times with rich sense of management .

Core concept: human-orientation, practicability, and innovation.

Mission: social services and continued innovation.

Corporate spirit: be of one heart and one mind while being realistic and innovative.

Development goal: high technology, high benefits and high rate of growth.

Work approach: focus on development, management, and staff to be the first and best.

Internal improvements: systemic culture, behavioral culture, and material culture.

Shaping the corporate image: through five improvements -- as an earnest, responsible State-owned enterprise; by providing standard services in a sincere way; through strict, efficient management; by cultivating a fair, honest market; and by developing a united, progressive team.

Corporate values: be honest, keep the faith, and advance services.

Developmental outlook: social-service oriented, forward-looking strategically, systematic in layout, and intense in development.

Service outlook: work for sincere services, standard services, a service brand, and service quality.

Operational outlook: innovation in management and increase in benefits.

Goals: a leading group with a good political sense, business performance, cooperation, work style, and image.

Goal for leading cadres: five improvements – greater ability in strategic decision-making, in business management, enterprise innovation, market competition, and dealing with complex situations.

Goal in cadre team development: firm political beliefs, good professionalism and competence, pioneering spirit, and effective work style.

Goal of employee team development: professionalism and loyalty.

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