Process of changing pressure and adsorption for removing carbon dioxide from conversion gas in synthetic ammonia plant

Method for removing ethane and hydrocarbons with carbon number more than ethane from gaseous hydrocarbon

Method of mfg. compound material for storage of hydrogen

Process for synthesis of acetic acid by methanol carbonylation under lower pressure in liquid phase

Method for preparation of N-methyl formamide

Method for production of dimethyl ether from methanol

Method for synthetic hydrazine hydrate by ammonia oxyful liquid phase catalytic oxidation process

Process for refining ethyl acetate and butanone from mixed solution containing ethyl acetate and butanone

Two-step process of synthesizing primary behenic amine with methyl behenate

Pressure swing adsorption process for separating carbon monooxide from carbon monooxide (one-stage process)

Pressure swing adsorption process for separating carbon monooxide from carbon monooxide (two-stage process)

Removing and recovering nitrogen oxide(s) by adsorption separation method from mixed gas

Adsorption separation method for removing nitrogen oxide(s) and sulfur oxide(s) from lime kiln gas

Supercritical CO2 extraction process of the active component in red sage as one traditional Chinese medicine material

Supercritical CO2 extraction process of effective medicine component in Rhizoma Lihustici chuanxiong

Pressure swing adsorption process for extracting carbon monooxide as fuel from blast furnace waste gas

Bubble tower converter for technology of methyl alcohol low pressure liquid phase carbonyl synthesizing acetic acid

Flash evaporator for technology of methyl alcohol low pressure carbonyl synthesizing acetic acid

Adsorber capable of changing adsorbent layer section area

Mop cleaning and drying machine

Internal circulation reactor exclusively for liquid-phase oxidative carbonyl synthesis of dimethyl carbonate

Self-controlled back flushing type filter

Process for non-catalytic combustion deoxidizing coal mine gas for producing methanol

Metal nitride PH electrode sensor for metal – metal nitrides

Self-cleaning hair gathering device

Technique for recovering useful constituent from the tail gas arising from acetic acid synthesis process of carbonyl

N-methyl formate production process

Pressure swing adsorption process for adsorbing separated multiple component from multicomponent mixed gas

Catalytic combustion deoxidation process and method of coal mine gas for production of methanol

Method for recovering useful ingredient from methane end gas containing iodine

Rectification method in acetic acid synthesis process by low-pressure methanol carbonylation

Method for synthesis of acetic acid by methanol carbonylation under lower pressure

Technology of separating dimethyl carbonate from dimethyl carbonate and methanol and water

Catalyst for synthesis of acetic anhydride by carbonylation under lower pressure

Process for synthesizing dimethylacetamide by ethyl acetate and dimethylamine

Reduction method for copper-radic catalyst for reforming methanol vapor to produce hydrogen

Cyclic utilization of showering water

Catalyst used for preparing dimethyl ether by dehydration of methanol, and method for preparing the same

A low-grade alkalization hydrocarbons water vapor conversion catalyst and its preparing method

Process for low-temperature separation and concentration of methane from coalbed methane

Catalyst used for producing refined benzene by hydrogenation, desulfurization and denitrification of crude benzene and its preparation method

Method of recovery acetic acid from acetic acid containing waste water

The industrial unit for recovering hydrogen from ammonia plant purge gas by PSA method

Manganese deoxidier and its preparation method  

Catalyst system for methanol low-pressure carbonyl synthesis of acetic acid and application

Instrument for contrasting and judging chemical coagulation effect

Method for recovering ethyl acetate from wastewater containing ethyl acetate

Technology of making refined benzene by hydrogenation, desulfurization denitrification of coking benzene

Method of preparing synthetic natural gas by coke oven gas

Anti-flaming ultraviolet radiation solidifying coating for metal

Sulfur-resistant catalytic deoxidization process for methane-rich gas

Catalyst for synthesizing methanol and preparation method thereof

Rhodium catalyst for acetic oxide carbonyl synthesis from methyl acetate and preparation thereof

Coke-oven gas methanation catalyst and preparation method thereof

Joint production process of alcohol and ammonia

Oxygen-containing coal bed gas deoxidation catalyst and preparation thereof as well as applications

Self-heating conversion catalyst rich in methane gas and method of producing the same

Technique for continuously producing high purity hydrogen by water slectrolysis

Granular catalyst for synthesizing methanol

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