Analysis & Testing Center

The Analysis and Test Center was founded in 1983. Its predecessor is Research Room 4 of Southwest Research & Design Institute of Chemical Industry. The center is an analysis and test institution for centralized management of large precision instruments in the chemical industry of Sichuan province. It ever undertook the mission of formulating the standard for ten famous liquors in China; the mission of analyzing PSA catalyst; analysis and test of reforming catalyst for ammonia synthesis, and made positive contribution to the scientific research and industrial production of China and enterprises. Meanwhile, the center also has undertaken many key R&D projects of SWRDICI.

Projects being developed:

R&D of the application of metal – metal non-oxide solid pH electrode

R&D of the application of gold electrode in the process for gold extraction from impregnated gold ore

Work the center may undertake:

Component analysis of natural and synthetic organic matters, inorganic matters, high polymer materials, drugs and biochemical products; morphologic observation and domain structure analysis of materials;

Analysis of the structure of organic compounds; determination of the structure of unknown compounds;

Analysis and R&D of various materials, assistants, and chemical and fine chemical products

Carry out the research on various analytical and test methods; undertake entrusted scientific research tasks.

The center is equipped with GC-MS, X-ray diffractometer, transmission electron microscope, Fourier infrared spectrometer, ultraviolet spectrometer and other large precision instruments.

Contact person: Huang Chaoming

Contact No.: (028) 85965461
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