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The Research Institute for Environmental Protection and Automation was established through merging three departments of SWRDICI - Institute of Automation, Sino-Dutch Separation Technology Centre and Research Institute for Electromechanical Energy Conservation in order to concentrate advantages and turn the technologies and scientific research achievements relating to environmental protection sector into projects and industries.

The institute has an R&D and engineering technology team consisting of Doctors and Masters and pulls together the technical elites of SWRDICI in automation engineering, environmental protection technology, and R&D and manufacturing of special-purpose analytical instruments. By relying on the proprietary scientific research achievements of SWRDICI and the technical cooperation with European and American famous companies (such as: Italian PIERALISI, Dutch AQUA-STORK, Dutch NORIT, Dutch LOGISTICON, and China-Europe Science & Technology Development Center), the institute has successfully developed a series of new technologies and products and applied them in about 1000 companies in more than 20 Chinese provinces as well as Southeast Asia. The users are from chemical, petrochemical, iron & steel, electric power, building material, food, pharmaceutical and brewing industries, agriculture, forestry and other fields.


1. Technical solutions, project contracting and consulting service of industrial and domestic wastewater treatment;

2. Design, project contracting and consulting service of industrial production automation systems;

3. R&D and production of special-purpose analytical instruments;

4. Agent of domestic and foreign famous brands for the equipment, DCS, PLC, instruments, meters and actuators in environmental protection sector.

Main products:

1. TY-2000 fixed bed gas making furnace DCS optimized control system;

2. Solutions and complete sets of units for treatment of high-concentration organic wastewater;

3. Complete sets of units for cyclic treatment of shower water and car wash water;

4. XN2008-TZ automatic industrial gas chromatograph;

5. TY-2000 series trace sulfur analyzer;

6. XN-2008-YC sample gas pretreatment unit;

7. XN-2008-XC multi-point automatic circular sampler;

8. Permeation tube standard source (for instrument calibration and demarcation);

Contact person: Zhai Gang

Tel: (028) 85968108 13981850839

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