Carbon Chemical Engineering Technical Institute

The predecessor of National Center of C1 Chemical Engineering Research of Southwest Research & Design Institute of Chemical Industry (hereinafter referred to as “C1 Center”) is Research Room 2 of former Southwest Research & Design Institute of Chemical Industry under the Ministry of Chemical Industry. From 1960s on, it has been mainly engaged in the R&D of the production of basic organic chemical products and downstream products from natural gas and provided technical support for industrial design.

C1 Center has more than 20 major R&D achievements, including low-pressure methanol synthesis process and its catalyst, the process and catalyst for synthesis of dimethyl ether through dehydration of methanol, synthesis of DMC by carbonylation method, and the process and catalyst for hydrogen production through cracking of methanol. It is China’s first R&D institution engaged in the research of low-pressure methanol synthesis and the synthesis of oxygen-containing compounds from methanol. C1 Center assumes a leading position in China in this field.

In addition to R&D of the new products and new processes in C1 chemical field, C1 Center is also engaged in the R&D of fine chemicals. It has more than twenty R&D personnel dedicated to chemical R&D and owns various kinds of supporting equipment and instruments for scientific research of chemical industry. It possesses the technical ability to undertake the research of state-level scientific research projects and solve difficulties for domestic chemical enterprises.

Contact person: Chen Peng

Contact No.: (028) 85964833

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