The Third Laboratory

Research Room 3 has long engagement in the R&D of basic organic chemical products and fine chemical products. Since 1960s, it has carried out the R&D of the production of isoprene and its series fine chemicals by using acetylene and acetone as basic raw materials. It has developed tert-amyl alcohol, linalool, geranyl acetone, nerolidol, isophytol, hexanediol and other series fine chemical products. For many times, it has won awards and certificates from the Central Government, the Ministry of Chemical Industry and Sichuan province. After more than forty years’ effort, it has accumulated rich experience in “ethynylation” and “hydrogenation” technologies and formed an R&D team integrating process, catalyst preparation, analysis and testing, providing technical guarantee for future development of acetylene chemical series products.

Since the 1970s, Research Room 3 has started the R&D of the synthesis of acetic acid through carbonylation of methanol. It has achieved numerous research findings and ultimately formed “process for synthesis of acetic acid by methanol carbonylation under lower pressure in liquid phase” with proprietary intellectual property of China. The research finding passed the appraisal organized by State Bureau of Petrochemical Industry. Meanwhile, patent protection on the research finding has been applied for to State Intellectual Property Office. After examined by State Intellectual Property Office, it was patented in April 1999, with a patent number: ZL92108244.4.

In the recent years, Research Room 3 also made scientific research achievements in the refining of coking benzene from NFM, and deoxidation process for comprehensive utilization of CBM. Now they are being promoted among domestic enterprises.
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