No.1 Laboratory

Since establishment in 1958, Research Room 1 has always been engaged in the R&D of hydrocarbon reforming catalysts, particularly the R&D of the catalysts for producing synthesis gas and hydrogen through natural gas steam reforming. As early as 1960s, it developed generation-1 reforming catalysts. In the 1970s, in response to the requirement for localization of the catalysts used in imported large synthesis ammonia plants, Research Room 1 developed and produced generation-2 reforming catalysts, reaching international advanced level. In the 1980s, it initiated the R&D of generation-3 reforming catalysts. Among them, CN8, Z107 and CN-11 have been universally applied in plants. Z110Y, CN-16 series irregular shape catalysts and Z111 series catalysts with a low water/carbon ratio enable large ammonia plants to save energy and raise yield. They have produced a good application effect.

In the recent years, Research Room 1 has researched and developed CN-30 gaseous hydrocarbon pre-reforming catalyst, CN-31 light oil pre-reforming catalyst, CN-32 gaseous hydrocarbon reforming catalyst, CN-33 gaseous hydrocarbon intermittent reforming catalyst and CN-35 light oil steam reforming catalyst. These catalysts are widely applicable in petrochemical companies producing ammonia syngas, methanol syngas, city gas or hydrogen from natural gas, oilfield gas, refinery tail gas and other gaseous hydrocarbons as well as light oil or liquefied gas.

The research room successfully developed WDL-94 microcomputer multifunctional trace sulfur analyzer. The analyzer is a masterpiece product developed by the research room in 20~30 years. The users are all over the country, from Qingdao and Fujian in the east to Karamay in the west, and from Hainan Island and Liuzhou in the south to Harbin in the north. It is widely used to analyze trace sulfides in natural gas, methanol, food-grade CO2, liquefied gas, propylene gas, odorant of city gas (thiophane).

Contact person: Li Zejun

Contact No.: (028) 85963793
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